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A riot is the language of the unheard.

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Monica Martin is bae.

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make this happen hollywood

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i love how no matter how badly you fuck up benadryl cumquat’s name everyone on here still knows who ur talking about

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  • Friend: Do you watch Anime?
  • Me: Are you sure you're ready for this conversation?
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  • Drake: You... you don't hate me?
  • Nicki Minaj: You idiot! That's all in your head.
  • Drake: But... I hate myself.
  • Rihanna: Those who hate themselves cannot love or trust others.
  • Drake: I am wicked... a coward... weak... and...
  • Beyoncé: If you know yourself, you can be kind to others.
  • Drake: I hate myself. But... I might be able to love myself. I might be able to stay here. Yes. I am nothing, but I... I am myself. I wish to be myself. I wish to stay here as myself. I am worthy of living here!
  • Nicki Minaj: Congratulations!
  • Rihanna: Congratulations!
  • Beyoncé: Congratulations!
  • Lil Wayne: Congratulations!
  • Jay Z: Congratulations!
  • A$AP Rocky: Congratulations!
  • Jhene Aiko: Congratulations!
  • Kanye West: Congratulations!
  • DJ Khaled: Congratulations!
  • Birdman: Congratulations!
  • Nebby: Congratulations!
  • Sandi Graham: Congratulations!
  • Drake: Thank you!
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"Blaziken"- cool fire Pokémon

"Blazeitken"-Barbie encouraging bad choices

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This made my day


This made my day

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Anonymous Asked:Instagram? xx

heck yeah!


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cliffocondamichaelg Asked:I just wanna say that not all white people are the same


False, all of you send this same stupid ass message.

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why does winter make people feel so lonely? its probably the cold

imma be snug af in my room, watching anime and jackin it im gucci

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#it's fucked up that this guy associates with Tyler the creator #good guy tho

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I’ve told the kids in the ghettos that violence won’t solve their problems, but then they ask me, and rightly so; “Why does the government use massive doses of violence to bring about the change it wants in the world?” After this I knew that I could no longer speak against the violence in the ghettos without also speaking against the violence of my government

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  (via deliciouskaek)

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